Caruso Molecular® Steam Setter – 14 Rollers

The Caruso® Molecular Steam hairsetter delivers long-lasting, voluminous curls with head-turning shine and minimal frizz. Soft foam rollers are gently infused with steamed moisture that penetrates the hair, making hair relaxed and pliant. As moisture evaporates, the hair is set beautifully in a perfect curled position that holds until your next shampoo. With the steam hairsetter’s hair roller design, moisture penetration is enhanced, creating quick and natural evaporation that delivers a gentle, even formation of curls and waves.



Sizes are:

• Steam Hair Roller’s Foam Design Relaxes Hair
• Adds Volume and Creates Hair Curls
• 14 Hair Rollers with Sheilds (2 petite, 3 small, 4 medium, 3 large, 2 jumbo)
• 3 Extra Roller Shields (1 petite, 1 small, 1 medium)
• Dual Voltage – Great for Travel
• Styling Guide
• One-year Warranty (for steam unit only)

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